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What bulb to use for the best brightness depends on the wattage of the bulb, LED bulbs use less energy than conventional filament bulbs and so can produce the same brightness at a lot lower wattage.

Bedroom ceiling lights come in both pendent lights and flush lights that don't stand away from the ceiling, it's easy to update your bedroom lights allowing you to change the look of your room cheaply.

BBQ ideas for using LED lights include head mounted lights that let you get a good look at what's on the BBQ whilst keeping your hands free for cooking or clip on LED grill lights.

Under cabinet lighting like strip lights and bar lights can be chained together to provide lighting for larger cabinets or rows of kitchen cabinets, the LED lights are typically cool natural coloured LEDs.

Commercial LED light bulbs from reduced energy lights so your business isn't spending a fortune on Christmas lights and plug and play waterproof lighting solutions.

High bay lighting lets you choose from a wide range of large lamp housings from metal look shiny aluminium or copper to more industrial designs, high bay lighting is ideal for providing a lot of light in a work area.

How many high bay lights do I need and it's a common question, the answer depends on the wattage or equivalent wattage of each high bay light, buy all your high bay lights at once for cheaper multi light bulb deals.

600x600 LED panels are made from many LED lights, literally thousands of tiny LED light cells which means that if several small light cells fail over a few years you won't even notice.

LED bulbs come in many different sizes from GLS Golf Ball Lights with an Edison Screw fitting or Bayonet fitting to LED spotlights like the MR16, LED bulbs last about 20 times longer than conventional bulbs.

What bulb do I need, that will depend on the type of socket that you have and the size of the bulb, if it's a replacement bulb then the bulb type will be written on the bulb.